At HI Design you can…


Revitalise your design palette

Touch and feel inspiring new products before anyone else and get to know the people behind them.


When it comes to learning about new products and suppliers, it’s the single best use of our time all year.

Managing Partner, Studio Q

96.1 %

of BUYER delegates agree that HI Design really helps identify new design solutions/partners for their upcoming projects.*

*Source: HI Design Europe Event Review


Get inspired & learn something!

Our seminar programme is world-class – you will learn something. And with the Americas’ most prolific hotel design pro’s in one place, you’ll find yourself in the most inspiring company.


The première event of the kind: strong panels and seminars make it a must-attend, whilst consistent top tier suppliers and buyers make it worthwhile and extremely useful.

Director, Aedas Interiors London



Be part of the Americas’ most vital hotel design community

Three days with the Americas’ hotel project leaders opens up a world of collaborative opportunities and support you could otherwise miss altogether.

Hear from past delegates to our HI Design events from around the world:


Great event! Always a joy to be a part of it. Every year it becomes more effective for us to gain new contacts, resources and leads. This is what we need in order to move forward in our businesses. Without HI Design, there would be a big networking hole in my yearly calendar — I count on this event to give me some concentrated work time to get new suppliers and gain new work possibilities. It is exhausting but worth it every time!  

Creative Director – GSR Interior Design


To sum up my thoughts about HI Design is to describe that warmth at heart when you meet friends, conduct business and getting attracted by new products and design. It’s the same feeling you have for Christmas for family, you have that for business at HI Design.  

Principal & Creative Director – Living Design of Sweden


Save time and money

50 of the most innovative and exciting manufacturers in one place saves you trawling exhibitions and sample libraries. And it’s more fun..

Then there’s the all-too-rare quality time with your peers – it’s bound to throw up useful and unexpected stuff!  And all you have to pay for is your flight.

100 %

of BUYER delegates from our events – either strongly agree or agree that HI Design is an excellent investment of their time.