08:25 – 09:35 AM

Hospitality Entering the Creative Epoch and the Age of Casualism

To enter the world of hotels designed by Karim Rashid is to have an experience like no other. Sugar pop colors, enigmatic patterning, curvaceous surfaces and profiles – all used with consequence and a coherent plan. A playground of plans that sees 17 hospitality projects currently under construction following on from a global list – from Berlin to Bali to Brazil, from Mexico to Malaysia to Milan. And that is just the hotels. Not the restaurants, bars, lounges and other hospitality venues that have felt the creative touch of Karim. A touch never without an opinion but one that also never takes itself or its users too seriously in a time of more casual living.

The man is prolific. Practicing a democratization of product design he has brought design to the masses. His plastic Garbo bin has literally sold in the millions. There is a “sensual minimalism” in his forms for Alessi, packaging for Prada, perfume bottles for Kenzo. His work is in the permanent collection of 20 museums around the world.

The man is committed – he has tattooed himself with his own language. He is also passionate, as you will discover. If Karim is true to form this will be a rapid, quick fire presentation so hang on to your seats. Hold we go!



2:40 – 3:40 Pm

Americas Market Update: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

What you know and who you know – this is the stuff which drives the success of hotel projects. And knowledge is power. Who’s building what, where and when. And why? TOPHOTELPROJECTS knows, it’s what they have been doing for over ten years. Long term partners of HI Design, TOPHOTELPROJECTS have an invaluable global database of the region’s movers and shakers. CEO, Rolf W. Schmidt adds the in-depth, up-to-date context looking at the reasons behind the hotel performance landscape of the Americas, the impact of brand proliferation and the differences in regional hotel development. Calling out the top performers and revealing the major trends shaping the industry into 2020 and beyond. Discover what’s hot and what’s not; where to invest your efforts.
Our traditional HI Design scene-setter – essential stuff!



08:55 – 09:55 am

Time And How To Design It

Time, huh? You can waste a lot of it wishing you had more of it. The point is, apparently, to make the very most of the time we have. Sounds like a nice idea, but how can we make sure we really are spending it wisely? Yes, yes, being at HI Design is a promising start, but let’s go deeper…

James Wallman has devoted quite a bit of his time trying to answer this vital question: ‘Since we know spending on experiences rather than stuff makes us happier, which experiences lead to the most happiness?’ And with enlightened assistance from researchers who know, he has created a highly practical 7-point checklist that all of us can use to be more creative, resilient, successful and happier too. He’s also taken the time to write a #1 best selling book* about it.

James will show us how to apply the 7 evidence-based principles to design our own time and that of our guests in the spaces we create for them.

Time and How to spend it, Penguin 2019




1:35 – 2:35 pm

Global Hotel Design Trends – The American View

Everything we do is driven by you. Where have you heard that before? It’s true, though. Time and time again our post-event surveys come back demanding more on hotel design trends. You want to know where we’re heading, what’s hot and what’s sooo not? It’s a big subject, possibly too big. So we have asked our expert panelists to discuss the most critical global trends they see from an American stand point. Having worked on projects as far afield as Kuwait, China, Jordan, Brazil, Thailand and Portugal (and many more) our panel have this global perspective.

What does authenticity, personalisation of design, spatial flexibility or wellness look like in hotels around the world? Is America leading or following? What different cultural, regional or environmental aspects impact on design? In the place where everything’s bigger, what’s the next big thing? Your participation, as always, will be encouraged.

Our Panelists: